Are You Happy With Your New Ipod5?

Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012
Are You Happy With Your New Ipod5?
I posted mine before. but I can't help but writing it again. I have used it 6 days. I picked it up last Saturday. it's been awesome. 4inch screen seems more brighter and bigger than iPhone 4S. performance is even better than that. the design is freaking stunning. it's very well made device that I can even replace my tablet by amazon kindle fire (old one). only thing I regret is that 32GB is not enough space. I thought I won't have any problem. but I have only 5GB left. other than that, it's almost perfect. I recommend everyone.

Wow really? Previously had an 8GB so this seems like plenty! What is your iPod made up of mostly? How many GBs of music & apps?

I'm planning to do this primarily using Talkatone. Question. Does the 4g hotspot give out location information for apple maps or Google maps?

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